What's Hidden in the Body?

At first glance, all you can see on the page are simple outlines of body parts or seemingly abstract shapes. But look closely through the three coloured glasses and the amazing intricacy of the human body becomes apparent – as if by magic, the secrets of life are revealed! This book includes a removable poster, which can be unfolded for even more fun!

The resulting images from this three level superimposition are intriguing. The colors mix up, the lines and shapes entwine becoming oneiric and magical.

Through a filter of colored transparent material it is possible to clearly see one of the layers and discover an unexpected image.

  • Inventive approach to discovering hidden life, in this interactive books, children can see through the magical lenses.
  • The illustrations are lovely, the design is very clever. Children are fascinated by these books.
  • Extremely successful titles, translated to 14 languages and more than 180,000 copies printed.

The book includes a foldout poster with two sides: one featuring a full body of a girl and the other the full body of a boy.

24 pages
26,3 x 28 cm
Pantone Inks
RGB filters page
Age 4+

Rights sold:
Catalan, Spanish, English (UK), German, French, Russian, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Hungarian.