Wellcome Science Fiction

The Earth is warming up, struggling and suffering. No one doubts that the way we live is damaging our most precious thing, our Planet. Since the industrial revolution, pollution and dependence on fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal) have increased the level of CO 2 in the atmosphere in an alarming way. And some conse­quences of climate change are: rising temperatures, thawing of dust, extinction of species, droughts and floods, extreme weather events …

Fighting climate change is the greatest challenge of our lives and you know what? it’s in our hands. We have at our disposal a wealth of resources, from changing habits to using Science and Technology at the service of the planet. This book will show some great ideas.

We have been able to reach the Moon, to invent the penicillin, the light bulb or the Internet. Who says we can’t do that? What if we did it differently?

64 pages
24 x 30 cm
Hard cover
Age 6+

Rights sold: Ukrainian