Secret Life of Viruses

What is a virus? How many viruses are there? Where do they live? Are they all bad? How do they reproduce? How can we avoid getting infected? What are our defense mechanisms against viruses? Why are vaccines necessary? In this book we explain everything you could want to know (and everything you didn’t know you want to know!) about these tiny and naughty organisms. For instance, did you know that the first person to see a coronavirus in an electronic microscope was a woman? Her name was June Almeida!

  • The perfect books for science lovers with a funny insight.
  • All books contain a true-or-false quiz at the end of the book for a better understanding.
  • Illustrations are funny rather than scientifically detailed, which give the book a playful tone while still delivering factual information.

24 pages
25 x 27.2 cm.
+4 years

Rights sold:
Spanish, Catalan, Basque, French, German, English World, Korean, Polish, Russian, Chinese Simp., Chinese Comp., Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic.