Secret Life of Farts and Burps

All people fart sometimes, whether they live in France, the Fiji islands or Spain. If you have a dog, you may have even been lucky to smell it farting. Intestinal  gas is totally normal, and it’s very rare for farting to be a sign that something is wrong in the body.

  • Kids will learn what causes farts and burps, which elements they are made of, why they occur…
  • They will get to know the most famous farts and burps in history, and how they are considered in other countries of the world.
  • The book includes a lot of curiosities: at what speed do farts go? Are they flammable? Why some stink of rotten eggs? How are these gases in the animal world?

24 pages
23 x 23 cm
4-color process
Age 4+
Fall 2021

Rights sold:

French, Japanese, Chinese simp., Chinese comp., Korean, Italian.