The best sandwiches in the world

Here you are! A delicious trip around the world of sandwiches. Bon appétit!

Eating a sandwich or roll is one of the little pleasures in life, and there are as many sandwiches as palates. This title features the best recipes for sandwiches and rolls from all over the world as well as the best places to eat them. The history, curiosities, recipes and nutritional information are provided for each sandwich in the book.

The book proposes a very distinct gastronomic journey: in Europe we will discover the bocadillo de calamares, broodje, panino, gyros… In North America the cheese steak, the pastrami, Monte Cristo sandwich… In South America the taco al pastor, mollettes, quesadilla mexicana, and also the Asian sandwiches such as the dönner kebab, shawarma, bánh, manakish…

208 pages | 23 x 23 cm.
4-color process

Rights sold: Spanish (Spain) and Portuguese (Portugal)

Cristina Serret, Toni Monné and Becky Lawton