Sketches and designs for elBulli

Ferran Adrià and his team at elBulli were the first in the haute cuisine circle to employ an industrial designer on a prolonged basis as part of their creative team. They did not try to define precisely the field of action of this interdisciplinary work. The way of working was adapted on a day-to-day basis as gastronomic concepts emerged. The main activities carried out by the team started in 2002 on a steady basis, and it mainly consisted in the search, creation and/or development of objects and utensils for food preparation and presentation.

Luki Huber spent eight years at elBulli working hand by hand with Ferran and he was in charge of inventing new “artifacts” either to prepare, cook, serve or perform his unique culinary techniques. Luki kept all his drawings, sketches and beautiful pictures of this collaboration and we are putting together this amazing notebook, with all the explanations of the purpose and stories behind every object.

The book will be prologued and introduced by Ferran Adrià.

320 pages | 15,5 x 21,5 cm.
4-color process

October 2018