Not all is what it seems

A book about the value of the acceptance of others

Looking at the illustrations, it is easy to imagine the story with a quick glance at the characters who are often judged by their appearance and stereotype.

The text appears backwards so you do not know what is going on.

You will need a mirror to read the text and understand the meaning of it. It will for sure contrast with what you initially thought: the rude pirate was generously offering his hand to the writer, the scary witch was preparing delicious broths full of love, the powerful King always dreamt about being a baker…

All is not what it seemed.

A good book for parents and schools to work with, a book of values proposing a look towards life enhancing personal criteria of each individual and rejecting prejudices and social stereotypes.

24 pages | 25 x 29 cm.
4-color process
Age 8+

The book includes a cardboard mirror to be able to read the up-side down texts.

Winter 2018