Me and the World

An Infographic Story

Graphics and visualisations give us a method to use images to describe a story in a way that we can understand.

This is a little story in which a girl describes her little world, her daily life, her family, school, the breakfast she eats, the clothes she wears and routines compared to the big world through information data graphics and visualisations.

There is a data revolution taking place across the globe right now. From journalism to government, the world’s stories are being told through numbers and facts. But while we treat this as something that only applies to adults, it belongs to everyone. And the younger it starts, the better.

64 pages | 24 x 30 cm.
4-colour process
Age 8+

Spring 2019

Rights sold: Catalan, Spanish, English (world), French,
Korean, Chinese simplified, Chinese Complex, Italian,

Mireia Trius and Joana Casals