Manual thinking

Hands-on thinking!

It is the ideal tool to organise, place and understand what we are doing, and it is also a support to develop creative techniques. Luki’s maps are an irreplaceable tool.”
Ferran Adrià

As a product designer, Luki Huber has collaborated with elBulli for years, where manual and visual work in teams has been key to success. Convinced of the power of teamwork, he developed a unique tool for organizing thoughts, ideas and projects in an active and visual manner.

Manual Thinking allows all members of a team to be at work at once, writing and drawing their ideas and opinions on labels. All the inputs are organized on maps to create a visualization of the thoughts of the group as a whole.

The tool contains a kit consisting of foldable blank maps and removable labels of various sizes and colours. The labels invite to abbreviate ideas in keywords and sketches. The maps offer a large support to organize the labels and visualize the content in its context. All work is saved at the end of the sessions by folding and identifying the map!

This book explains the functioning of the tool and brings together a selection of the best experiences and successes using Manual Thinking.

160 pages | 24,2 x 16,5 cm.
4-color process

Rights sold: German, Dutch and Spanish (Spain and Latin America)