Around the World in 28 Crafts

Fun recipes for special days

Learning about other cultures is an excellent way of teaching children about the diversity of our world and the values of acceptance and tolerance.

Each culture has its own celebrations and often it is on these special occasions when they devise small votive objects, tributes, decorations or local special crafts.

Within oriental handicrafts, children can explore Kirigami or Chinese paper lanterns. They can make an Egyptian beetle with clay, and create African ritual masks and tribal drums. Children can build their own didgeridoo, a traditional Aborigine instrument from Australia, or an atrapasueños, an object typical of Native Americans. From Mexico, the traditional mask, typical during the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

72 pages | 21 x 21 cm
4-color process
Age 6+

Rights sold: Spanish

Mireia Trius and Mercè Iglesias