How to survive if the world collapses

Sustainable living series

This archaeologist and palaeontologist is critical of his own species. In his opinion, if we want to prevent the disasters from the past from happening again, technological progress will not be enough: We must learn to turn knowledge into thought, and to respect the diversity of human cultures.

According to Carbonell, Humanity is probably advancing towards a catharsis. A catharsis that is likely to occur soon, in a few decades’ time, within the 21ST century. A catharsis that might be necessary if we want to reconsider which new concepts must articulate it.

If you manage to survive to the catharsis, this book will give you the keys to keep yourself alive. A practical book, almost a first-aid kit, full of essential knowledge to start your life all over again.

144-192 pages | 17 x 22 cm.
4-color process cover
2-color process inner part
Soft cover with flaps

January 2018