Green smoothies

Shakes, Green Juices, Non-Dairy Milk Drinks and Juice-Pulp Recipes

Carla Zaplana’s juice recipes are here to stay. After the overwhelming success of her longseller Zumos verdes, Carla reveals the other green side of her medal: green shakes. Shakes, just like juices, are a great source of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, active enzymes and other phytoelements found in vegetables) and their main purpose is to nourish and hydrate the body, as well as to clean and detox the organism.

Moreover, they contribute an extra creaminess and contain fiber, which satisfies our hunger and helps us regulate both our sugar and cholesterol blood-levels and our bowel transit.

This book contains thirty shake recipes for all tastes and needs: detox, energetic, proteinrich, ideal to drink before or after exercise, and relaxing. This practical guide also presents green juices, explains how to prepare different plant-based milks, and how to use the leftover fruit pulp to prepare snacks.

Fifty delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes that will make you feel healthy and clean, so you can fully enjoy your wellbeing and be happy!

128 pages | 14 x 19 cm.
4-color process
Paperback with flaps

March 2017

Rights sold: Spanish (Spain and Latin America) and Catalan