Good night little whale

Visual bedtime stories

Do your kids always ask for stories when they go to bed?

Reading bedtime stories to children every night is beneficial as the practice improves Parent to child bonding. These three books will help parents sharing quality time as looking at these wonderful visual stories with the youngest.

A small fish has 12 holes in front of him, one of each colour. First of all he eats the yellow hole, and becomes a yellow fish. After eating the orange hole, he becomes an orange fish. So he goes on and on eating all the holes until he becomes a black fish. Now he is as big and dark as the night!

Children can interact with the holes by putting their little fingers in. Adults can make different interpretations every time they tell the story.

24 pages | 23 x 23 cm.
4-color process
Die-cut on every page
Age 4+

Spring 2017

Rights sold: Catalan, Chinese, French and Spanish