True Monsters

Become a superhero by learning how to beat these terrible monsters!

S.O.S This is an alarm call!

Beware of the true monsters among us.

They’re neither in your wardrobe nor below your bed. A flash light won’t make them go away.

They roam freely our planet, they fly above us, they dwell in the depths of the sea and they even lurk in the gutter beneath your feet.

We feed them as if they were our pets and not pests. No parent, guardian nor grandparent would ever let you keep companions like these. But strangely enough so many adults just can’t let go. These monstrous pets grow fatter and stronger everyday, menacing our precious blue planet.

True monsters can only be defeated by true heroes like you!

Some magic words that terrifies them are: sharing, reducing and recycling.

52 pages | 24 x 30 cm.
4-color process
Age 6+

Fall 2019

Rights sold: Catalan and Spanish.

Marie G Rohde