How Long Does it Live?

Solid science presented in an entertaining, colourful and informative way. Filled with fun illustrations and time figures about extremely short- and long-lived creatures, as well as those in-between.

A gall midge hatches, breeds, and dies in a 3-hour period. A bowhead whale can live for 200 years, a quahog clam, 400. And box huckleberries growing today sprouted some 13,000 years ago.

This fact-filled science book explains how and why some earth, stars, animals and plants including dragonflies, horses, dogs, snakes, humans, tortoises, sequoias, and jellyfish–live as long, or as briefly, as they do.

24 pages | 24 x 24 cm.
4-colour process
Age 8+

Fall 2019

Rights sold: Catalan and Spanish.