Finger food

Eating with your fingers, without the need for a fork or a knife is a new tapas concept in which we return to the ancestral pleasure of using our hands as a tool to take food to our mouths.

Finger food has imposed itself in professional catering, from parties to home meals, be it in front of the TV, celebrating or having dinner on the deck. A fun and different way of eating.

To be able to consider something as finger food one must be able to hold it with their fingers (between the thumb, index and ring fingers) to be ingested in one or two bites at most. Thus, recipes can be considered for “miniature food” since the sizes, quantity or proportions will always be forcibly small.

This book, divided into 21 chapters, evokes the different situations where being able to eat with one’s fingers turns into a fun and original way of sharing the most delicious moments of life.

Some of the sections are: cocktails with friends, spring on the table, taste of sea, Christmas to nibble, all croquettes, for vegans, sweet temptations…

160 pages | 20 x 27 cm.
4-color process
Paperback with flap

Rights sold: Spanish and Catalan