Towards a Reasonable, Sustainable and (almost) 100 % Vegetarian Cuisine

A book that restores the value of food, of the live resources that feed us. The value of life, in short.

“And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples: Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” (John 6:12). This epistle, quoted by Tristram Stuart in one of his books, clearly sums up the purpose of this book.

Marta Torrent’s goal is to convey her concern for the environment and to explain that her relationship with the environment, nature, animals, and food is based on respect. A lifestyle philosophy that she tries to practice every day through all her choices and actions.

In this book, Torrent focuses mainly in her relationship with food, in her belief in cooking good dishes with whatever you find in the market or in your nearest greengrocer. With locally grown, seasonal and organic ingredients, whenever it’s possible. A taste for cooking and for gourmet eating she owes mainly to the excellent cooking skills of her mother.

The work contains around 50 recipes, sorted by seasons, plus information and reflections on such controversial subjects as genetically engineered foods, soy, fish at risk of extinction and/or overfishing, intensive-breeding animal farms, residue generation, food waste, etc.

192 pages | 17 x 22 cm.
4-color process
Paperback with flaps

February 2018

Rights sold: Spanish