Eat the jar!

60 vegan-friendly Mason jars for an active life

Living foods are the basis of Marta’s cuisine. A type of diet that revives the consumption of primary vegetables in their purest state. The most natural, vital, ecological and convenient foods that the earth provides.

A diet to free ourselves of the toxins accumulated over the years and to nourish and reinvigorate every one of our cells. A diet linked to our origins, to the countryside, to the earth. A living diet resulting in a colourful, vibrant, creative and sustainable cuisine advocating respect for animals, local agriculture and life itself.

And a diet in take away Mason Jar format enabling you to have a healthy lifestyle even if you’re eating in front of the computer.

This book contains 60 Mason Jars recipes for all moments of the day, as well as dressings to accompany them and recommendations on the best recipe for your mood.

192 pages | 17 x 22 cm.
4-color process

Rights sold: Spanish and Catalan