Arabian Flavours

Recipes and Tales of Arab Life

Linking a culture’s food to its history and politics, this collection of recipes offers rare insight into real Middle Eastern cuisine and family life. This distinctly different guide to Arab cooking provides authentic recipes for salads, meats, and desserts accompanied by thoughtful tales of Arab culture, etiquette and history. As the author recollects his childhood in Nablus, adventures in the Maghreb, tales of Bedouin women and various religious customs, he reveals the ancient traditions tied to the food at the Middle Eastern dinner table.

This simple and inexpensive recipes include falafel, hummus, couscous, rice, oven-cooked meats and traditional salads, soups and sweets. An appetizing mix of food and history, this cookbook explores the knowledge, technical skills, religious teachings, climate and lifestyle necessary to fully savour the tastes of a true Middle Eastern meal.

This new edition of Arabian Flavours: Recipes and Tales of Arab Life, originally published in the 1990s in Spanish and Catalan and translated into many languages, received the price for the best foreign cuisine cookery book at the Salon Livre Gourmand 2000 in France.

256 pages | 20 x 25 cm.
4-color process

September 2018

Rights sold: Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Catalan