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Cooking for the whole week

One of the most typical problems of couples that work outside of the home is to organize the food for the week for the whole family. This can be sweetened by putting in an effort for a few hours on a day off, and this book explains the way to do it.

The basic idea consists of organizing oneself so that in two hours of cooking – without counting the time spent at the grocery store – the meals for the whole week will be prepared.

The ideal day to do it is Saturday: groceries in the morning, a fast and light meal at noon and dealing with the two hour session to ready the rest of the meals for the week in the afternoon.

The book contains four complete weekly menus, one for each season. A total of 84 recipes that will save the year to more than a few!

208 pages | 19,5 x 24 cm.
4-color process

December 2018

Rights sold: Spanish (Spain) and Catalan