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Zahorí books is an independent publishing house that specializes in non-fiction picture books.
From the beginning, our company has had a strong international character. Our books are published in many languages and we count as partners with the most prestigious publishing houses worldwide.
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Next Co-editions

Around Antarctica
Tania Medveda and Maria Vyshinskaya

Cristina Cubels 
and Joana Casals

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Andrea Marcolongo and Andrea Ucini

People Power
Rebecca Gale and Ximo Abadía

Berta Páramo

What If We Do it Differently?
Anna Miracle
and David Acevedo

Legendary Escapes and Jailbreaks
Soledad Romero Mariño
and Julio Antonio Blasco

Legendary Robberies
Soledad Romero Mariño
and Julio Antonio Blasco