Animal Travellers

Long before men started building houses, studing medecin, play different instruments or travel the world, nature already displayed sophisticated sollutions made by animals.

These series propose a diferent approach to what we think is doing things professionaly: they explain how animals can build their homes, heal themselfs, play their music or find their way to travel through the world. Each spread contains a beautiful, colorful illustration of each animal and its project, plus a unique fold-out information panel, with specific information and tecniques used.

  • A fantastic, original exploration of how animals use elements of the natural world to find solutions to their needs.
  • The series seek to raise interest, awareness and respect for nonhuman professionals.
  • Teach about how animals are capable to do extraordinary things and how we should respect them.

40 pages + 14 foldouts
22 x 22 cm
4-color process
Hard cover
Age 6+

Rights sold:
Spanish, English World, Korean, Polish, Chinise Simp., Chinese Comp., Czech, Italian, Japanese.