What is healthier, running or walking? Does drinking water during meal cause weight gain? Do your hair and nails continue growing when you are dead? Do we use only 10% of our brain capacity? What came first, the parachute or the airplane? Is it true that if you go out with wet hair you will catch a cold? Proportionately, which has the largest penis: a gorilla, a chimpanzee or a human?

You are wrong is a book of curious questions and answers that will surprise you because they cast doubt on what common sense and wisdom tell us. The questions challenge entrenched myths and ideas in our culture that are often inaccurate or lack scientific basis.

Answers explained in a simple and entertaining way provide interesting data with a touch of humour.

About  the authors

Albert Casasín
Mercè Iglesias


200 pages
13 x 17.5 cm
4-colour process
Age 6+