Small children are extremely receptive and this can be taken advantage of to stimulate, motivate and develop their learning potential. In infant years, musical education is focused on children enjoying the music while encouraging self-expression and communication. Spanish popular culture offers countless songs and lullabies for the smaller members of the family. Songs that have been passed down from parents to children over generations and are still today the first tunes that we sing to our sons and daughters. It is one of the ways in which children can begin to assimilate a part of the Spanish cultural heritage. The aim of this book is to provide parents and teachers with an extended publication with over 150 songs and lullabies that will expose children to the possibilities of musical expression. It is also an ideal vehicle for parents to spend time with their sons and daughters in an activity they love.

About the authors:

Noemí Villamuza

Marta Vidal

Music: Enric Espinet

Pages: 240 pages
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Ink: 4-color process

CD with 20 recorded songs